A Circuit Playground! Of course, this is essential, and is required for all lessons.

Available at Adafruit

Micro USB Cable any length. You probably have one of these around, they're the most common USB cable.


Make sure its a data/sync cable!


USB cable available at Adafruit

A HUUUUUUGE number of people have problems because they pick a 'charge only' USB cable rather than a "Data/Sync" cable. Make 100% sure you have a good quality syncing cable. Srsly, I can't even express how many times students have nearly given up due to a flakey USB cable!

Not Required but... Recommended!

If you'd like to power your Playground for portable use, you can use a 3 x AAA battery holder with a JST PH-2 connector on it. These holders even come with an on/off switch so you can save battery when not in use.

Of course, 3 AAA batteries are required as well. Circuit playground works best with Alkaline or rechargeable NiMH batteries.

You can also use other AAA batteries such as Zinc or Lithium. NiCad batteries are not recommended.

Please use rechargeable batteries if you can, to reduce waste!

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