Installing Arduino

Visit to download the latest version of Arduino

Click on the Mac OS X Installer link to download the installer

Then double click to expand/launch it

it will automatically give you the Arduino app the teal icon:

No Drivers To Install!

Thanks to Mac OS X having the drivers built in, you won't need to install any other software!

Find your Serial Port Device

You can use Terminal to help find and verify your Arduino. First, launch the Terminal app - you can Command-F to Find the program:

Double click to launch it. At the text prompt, type in ls /dev/cu* (note the first letter is a lower-case L)

Make sure you see a line with the text /dev/cu.usbmodemxxxx or /dev/cu.usbserial-xxxxx where the xxx's can be anything. This indicates that the driver installed properly and that the Circuit Playground was found.

You can close the Terminal program now

This guide was first published on Jul 19, 2016. It was last updated on Oct 22, 2017.

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