Add Circuit Playground to Arduino

Circuit Playground is not a default option available in Arduino, we need to add software support. This happens once, and will automatically update when we make improvements and upgrades

Open up Preferences Menu

After you have downloaded and installed the latest version (remember it must be 1.6.4 or higher), you will need to start the IDE and navigate to the Preferences menu. You can access it from the File menu in Windows or Linux, or the Arduino menu on OS X.

A dialog will pop up just like the one shown below.

We will be adding a URL to the new Additional Boards Manager URLs option. New Adafruit boards and updates to existing boards will automatically be picked up by the Board Manager each time it is opened. The URL points to index files that the Board Manager uses to build the list of available & installed boards.

Add the Adafruit Board Support package!


Into the "Additional Board Managers URLS" box

Click OK to save the new preference settings. Next we will look at installing boards with the Board Manager.

Manage Board Support

Adding the link to the Adafruit board support package does not actually install anything, it only tells the Arduino IDE where to find the software.

Now that you have added the appropriate URLs to the Arduino IDE preferences, you can open the Boards Manager by navigating to the Tools->Board menu.

Once the Board Manager opens, type Adafruit into the search box and locate the Adafruit AVR Boards item. Click on it and then click Install

Next, quit and reopen the Arduino IDE to ensure that all of the boards are properly installed.

You should now be able to see Circuit Playground listed in the Tools->Board menu in the Adafruit Boards section.

Add Circuit Playground Library

Lastly, we will add the library (collection of software) that gives you all the Circuit Playground goodies.

First, load  up the Library Manager by going to the Sketch -> Include Library -> Manage Libraries menu

Then in the Search box in the top right corner, start typing Circuit Playground and you'll pretty quickly end up with the Adafruit Circuit Playground Library showing up:

Click that Install button!

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