Ladyada: Hello? Adabot - is that you?

Ladyada: What’s going on over here?

Adabot: Oh - we’re just having band practice.

Ladyada: Wow - that was intense!

Adabot: Thanks - I love my new keyboard!

Ladyada: Huh … and Ruby, what are you playing?  Is that a box of rocks?

Ruby: rhythm section!

Ladyada: Gus - is that you inside that clarinet?

Gus: I’m gonna be like Benny Goodman!

Ladyada: Hans - what are you playing?

Hans: Why I sing tenor, of course!

Ladyada: Wow, ok - Mho what are you playing?

Mho: I play defensive tackle.

Ladyada: Very impressive everyone!  But I think if you want to take your band to the next level, you might wanna upgrade your instruments with a couple of kits.

Adabot:  Kits? What’s a kit?

Hans: Ooh - what’s that?

Ladyada: An electronics kit is a bunch of different parts you can put together to make your very own electronics.  Like this little synthesizer kit.  Once we put this together, Gus won’t have to crawl inside an old clarinet to make some music.

Gus: Awesome!

Ladyada: another reason building kits is so great, is that in addtion to building something cool, you’ve also picked up a new skill. 

Mho: You’ve gotta have the skills to pay the bills.

Hans: Yah!

Ladyada: Skills are good for paying bills, but they’re also good for other things, like solving problems or buidling cool stuff - like this necklace or this watch.  So let’s get started …

Ladyada: Ok - this synth kit is done and it’s ready to play.

Gus: Cool!

Ruby: Thanks!

Ladyada: And for you Adabot - how about a guitar?

Adabot: Excellent!

Ladyada: Ok Adabot - you’re new electric guitar is all finished.

Adabot: Wow - thanks!

Ladyada: Ok everyone - so how do you like you’re new instruments?

Adabot: Let’s find out!

Ladyada: Alright - hit it!

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