Electronic kits have been around since the 1940's, giving people the ability to build devices which would normally require a lot of specific knowledge to make otherwise. Back in the day, the most famous kit company was Heathkit.  Heathkit's first kit was the OL-1, an oscilloscope people could build themselves …

But Heathkit wasn't the only kit company from yesteryear - check out some of the others and learn more about the history of kits over at Nostalgic kits.

What can you learn by building a kit?

Building a kit is fun and a great way to learn about electronics.  Here are just a few of the skills you sharpen when buidling an electronics kit:

  • soldering - solder is the electronics 'glue' that brings it all together!
  • identifying components like resistors, capacitors, transistors, & more
  • electricity basics - wiring power connections is a great way to learn basic electronic theory
  • modding - making changes to a circuit is a great way to learn while doing!
  • PCB design - mounting components on a printed circuit board familiarizes you with printed circuit boards

What kits were used in this video?

Check out the kits Adabot & the Circuit Playground components used in this video.

Ruby: Minty Synth

Adabot: Gakken Guitar

Hans: Capacitive Touch Shield for Arduino

Gus: Piano Hat for Raspberry Pi

Plus - Ladyada wore a Blinky Skull Pendant & Solder: Time Watch!

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