The game Hot Potato has been around so long, no one is really sure where it comes from, not even the all knowing wikipedia.

The origins of the hot potato game are not clear.

But it does come from a time way before there was an internet and even reliable electricity. So people had to get creative. As Grandpa Simpson might say, "Back in my day all we had were taters. And we loved it!"

The game is played like this:

  1. Gather a bunch of friends together and stand in circle.
  2. Someone starts playing a melody.
  3. The 'hot potato' is then tossed from person to person (order doesn't matter).
  4. At some random time, the melody stops playing.
  5. Whoever is holding the 'hot potato' at that point is out.

We will use our Circuit Playground to create our 'hot potato'. And since the Circuit Playground has a built in speaker, we can use it to play the melody. All we need to do is write a program to play a melody and stop it after a random period of time.

Let's see how we can do this.

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