We got the code, now we need the potato. This doesn't need to be fancy. In fact, you can make one with not much more than a rubber band.

Use a rubber band to hold the Circuit Playground to the 3 x AAA Battery Holder.

Ready for action. Give it a shake and start tossing!

Eggy Eggy

Just so happens that this guide is being written near Easter time. This provides us the opportunity to make our potato out of a currently readily available item...


I just went to the store and looked around. I ended up finding several styles of plastic Easter eggs that were big enough for the Circuit Playground to fit in. Some of these had candy in them, so I had to eat that first. The one with the clear top had a toy inside. Others were just empty.

Battery Fit Check

This egg style had room for a small LiPo battery.

However, the 3 x AAA battery pack would not fit. :(

This egg style could fit the 3 x AAA battery pack, as well as the small LiPo battery. As a bonus, it had a clear top! :)

Eggy One

Here's the first egg with the Circuit Playground and the small LiPo battery installed. Ready to be closed up!

Eggy Two

Here's the second egg with the Circuit Playground and the 3 x AAA battery pack installed. Good to go!

Battery Cushion

Since the HPE (Hot Potato Egg) is going to be tossed around a lot during game play, it is a good idea to add some cushioning to the inside. You can use anything soft and stuffable, like bubble wrap.

Reuse some bubble wrap from a previous shipment. Some of the Adafruit shipping envelopes are even made of bubble wrap.

Get it all packed in there nice a tight (but not too tight).

Close it up and you're good to go!


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