In this guide we will use our Circuit Playground to create a fun and simple game you can play with your friends. It's an old timey game called Hot Potato. Yep. People used to make games with potatoes.

No soldering required!    (also no potato required)

Please don't use a real hot potato. That could really hurt you.

Required Parts

In addition to a Circuit Playground, you will need some form of battery power so you can play the game without being attached to a computer. Choose an option that works for how you plan to make your 'potato'.

If you go with the LiPo battery, be sure you have a way to charge it.

Before Starting

If you are new to the Circuit Playground, you may want to first read these overview guides.

Circuit Playground Classic

Circuit Playground Express

Last updated on Nov 29, 2017 Published on Apr 05, 2017