Circuit Playground Express is a microcontroller board that's packed with goodies. Check out this Guided Tour for all the details. It's designed to work with 3 different programming languages. There's so much to learn with this board!

This project code will be written using CircuitPython. On the CPX, will utilise the micro USB port, capacitive touch sensors, the slide switch, the 10 Neopixels and the onboard speaker.



Power using Micro USB

Plug your micro USB data cable into the micro USB port on your CPX. The port is at the top of the board to the right of the power indicator LED.

Micro USB port


Capacitive Touch Pads

Around the outer edge of the CPX are a fourteen alligator-clip friendly pads. Within the fourteen, are the seven capacitive touch pads, labeled A1-A7. We'll use these to generate tones and lights.

Capacitive touch pads



The speaker is on the lower left side, above the music notes. We'll use this to generate the tones using the touch pads.




There are 10 NeoPixels in a ring, just inside the ring of pads. We'll light up these LEDs to go along with our tones.



Next, you'll install CircuitPython on your Circuit Playground Express and get started with CircuitPython.

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