We've written up a fun game of zombie tag for you to use with Circuit Playground Express (CPX).

It uses infrared signals to communicate between CPXs.

You can be human, a zombie or a healer.

The human is affected by zombies and healers. If a human comes into contact with a zombie, they start to lose health points. That's where the healer comes in.

If a human comes into contact with a healer, they regain health points. The goal is to maintain at least one health point.

If a human loses all health, they become a zombie too! And zombies can't return to being humans. But, they can start attacking other humans! So, run when you see them!

The game starts with at least one healer, at least one zombie, and the rest of the players are humans. If you have a large group, try having 2 or 3 zombies. This game works great in a large room or outdoors, as long as people can run around and hide.

The Characters

HUMAN - Try not to lose all of your health points.

ZOMBIE - Slowly reduces human health by 1 point.


Goal: Turn all humans into Zombies

HEALER - Quickly restores human health by 1 point.


Goal: Find humans that are low on health and heal them up!

Each board lights up a different color to identify the role. Humans are solid green, healers slowly pulse white, and zombies quickly pulse red.

The healer and zombie boards emit different IR signals. The human board waits to receive these signals.

When a zombie signal is received, the human loses one health point.

When a healer signal is received, the human regains one health point.

The current number of health points for the human are shown by the NeoPixels lit up.

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