Download the artwork .svg file below for laser cutting. Cutting, etching, and scoring passes are separated by layers and color coded. See diagram below.

Don't cut all the layers! One layer is a cut layer, one is a score layer, and one is an engrave layer.

I cut my badges on a Glowforge laser cutter, using proof grade materials from Glowforge and the default settings for each. For other laser cutters, you'll need to do some tests and sample cuts to dial in the correct settings for your material. You will need to determine settings for cut, score (vector lines), and engrave (raster/fill).

Here are some different materials I cut on the Glowforge. The badge looks great on translucent materials, especially if worn over a dark shirt. Depending on the material and settings, these took between 6 and 11 minutes to cut.


Fluorescent Green Acrylic (Glowforge Proof Grade Material)


Blue Translucent Acrylic (protective paper left on snake)


Frosted Clear Acrylic (Glowforge Proof Grade Material)


Medium Maple Plywood (Glowforge Proof Grade Material)

After cutting, peel off the protective film. Keep the small trapezoidal pieces to use as templates for cutting the foil tape.



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