Alright, let's go hands on.

The hookup for this guide is very simple. While a button could be used, we will simply touch the alligator clips together to simulate this same function. We'll use a resistor a little later, but for now just connect the alligator clips as shown.

This is the overall view of the hookup.

  • RED to 3.3V
  • BLUE to #3
  • BLACK to GND

Simply connect the alligator clips to the gold pads on the edge of the Circuit Playground as shown.


Be careful to not let the BLACK and RED alligator clips touch each other directly. We will be touching other alligator clips together, but never these two.

Touching RED to BLUE is OK.

Touching BLACK to BLUE is OK.

Touching BLACK to RED is NOT OK.


This will short power to ground and the Circuit Playground will not be happy.

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