Follow the Circuit Playground Lesson #0 to get your board set up, then come back here once you know its all good!

Get Combadge Sketch 

Grab the sketch by going to File > Examples > Adafruit Circuit Playground > comm_badge.

Choose Combadge Sound

Goto line 9 and add two "//" characters, essentially commenting out this line. Then, remove the two "//" from line 10. This tells the code which sound effect to use. The first one is a Mario coin sound, the second being the communicator sound we want.

Adjust Sensitivity

If you find the sensitivity of the accelerometer is too low, you can easy change it! Increase the sensitivity of the accelerometer by lowing the sensitivity value.

On line 28, change "127" to a lower value. I personally found "64" work well for this project. 

Upload Code

Under the file menu Tools, select Board > Adafruit Circuit Playground. Then, Port > /dev/cu.usbmodem1421 (or similar).

Now you can upload the code by going to menu Sketch > Upload. You should see a progress bar indicating the upload.

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