Circuit Playground Mount

We'll need a mount to attach the Circuit Playground board to the combadge. The mount has four standoffs with little pegs that snap into the holes of the Circuit Playground. The standoffs will provide clearance to the base plate, since some of the components are tall.

3D Printing

The mount is pretty small, thus it should print on most FDM style, desktop 3D printers. It's a simple part with no overhangs, so no support material is needed. We suggest using PLA material, since it's the most friendly and doesn't require a heated bed.

Silce Settings

Here are some suggested silce settings for 3D printing. We used the Printrbot Play for this part.

  • 40% Infill
  • 2 Shells / Perimeters
  • 4 Top/Bottom Layers
  • 210C Extruder
  • 60-80mm/s Print Speed


The pegs on the standoffs should be able to snap into the holes of the Circuit Playground board easily. If you find them too tight, you may need to tweak your slice settings. Lowering the "Extrusion Width" or the "Wall Thickness / Wall Line Count". 

Proto-Pasta Magnetic Iron PLA

Use this filament to print the mag-mount.stl part. This filament is attracted to magnets and will be used to attach the combadge to your shirt. The filament doesn't require any special slice settings or a heated bed (standard PLA settings work just fine).

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