Before you get started, make sure you've been through the basic tutorials on using the Circuit Playground. You'll need to have installed the Arduino IDE, added the Circuit Playground board to Arduino, and added the Circuit Playground library. This excellent guide, Introducing Circuit Playground and Circuit Playground lesson #0 will show you how to do all of that and get you going in no time!

Plug your Circuit Playground into your computer now, and launch the Arduino IDE. Double check that you've selected the board and port as in the Lesson #0 tutorial and are ready to upload code.

Required Parts

To make your own Circuit Playground Class Scheduler, you'll need the following:

A Circuit Playground!


Available at Adafruit

Micro USB Cable any length. You probably have one of these around, they're the most common USB cable.


Make sure its a data/sync cable!


USB cable available at Adafruit

A HUUUUUUGE number of people have problems because they pick a 'charge only' USB cable rather than a "Data/Sync" cable. Make 100% sure you have a good quality syncing cable. Srsly, I can't even express how many times students have nearly given up due to a flakey USB cable!

Optional Parts

If you'd like to create the same enclosure we made, you'll need some additional parts. You can also use this as a leaping off point for designing your own enclosure or attachment method! Maybe you'll affix yours to your vintage, horse-image Trapper Keeper, or sew it to your hoodie?

  • Acrylic craft paints in five different colors
  • Small paint brush or cotton swabs

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