Upload Code to the Board

Plug your Circuit Playground into your computer with the USB cable. 

In the Arduino IDE, select the Adafruit Circuit Playground item in the menu Tools > Board.

Then, select the proper port in Tools > Ports.

Press the reset button twice on the Circuit Playground so that the red #13 LED begins pulsing, indicating it is ready to be programmed.

In the Arduino IDE, click Sketch > Upload

The board will blink, and after a few second the new code will be uploaded to the board.

The board will blink the red #13 LED twice and beep when the sketch starts.

Test it

By default, the program starts on Monday, first period, so the Circuit Playground will have NeoPixels #0 and #9 lit. If these aren't lit, flip the slide switch to the left and they'll light up.

Press the right button to cycle the days. Each time you press and release the button, the day will advance, and then loop to the beginning. Time flies!

Also note that as the day advances the first period NeoPixel #0 will update its color to correspond to your schedule (the color won't change if your schedule has the same class every morning).

Now, try pressing the left button a few times. You'll see the the current period indicator advances, and updates to the appropriate color.

Time to untether! You can now remove the USB cable from the Circuit Playground and power it from the battery holder. Insert three AAA batteries in the case, plug it in to the JST connector on the Circuit Playground, and turn the battery holder switch to ON.

You're ready to use it on the go at school! If you like, you can simply carry it in a pocket, or affix it to your backpack or a jacket with a magnetic pin. Or, you can move on to the next section and build a sweet mounting panel for your Circuit Playground Class Scheduler.

This guide was first published on Aug 24, 2016. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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