The Circuit Playground will be sandwiched between layers of acrylic which overlap the board edge on top an bottom, leaving most of the board clear for interaction with the buttons and NeoPixel, and allowing access to the JST connector for plugging in the battery.

Since the USB port isn't available when the board is encased in the mounting panel, you'll need to be sure you're happy with the program before assembling the case.

Using the CPClassScheduler_CAD files linked below, cut the five layers of acrylic on a laser cutter (or send the job out to service such as Ponoko), including the etching pass on the top layer. 

If you don't have access to a laser cutter you can send the job out to a service such as Ponoko. This .eps file works well for Ponoko's requirements.

Or print out templates and cut the acrylic on a CNC mill, band saw, jig saw, or coping saw. Or, you can skip the acrylic and cut the mounting panel from heavy cardstock or thin cardboard.

Paint it

To color code the class subjects, use a small brush or cotton swab to dab a bit of the corresponingly colored acrylic paint onto the circle to the left of each subject name. For example, a blue dot next to "Italian" if you're studying Italian. Bellissimo!


To assemble, lay down the bottom layer, followed by the middle three layers. Then, press the board into its space. Place the top layer on top of the board, then screw in the six screws from the top, affixing the hex nuts from the bottom side. You can use a bit of thread locker, such as Loctite, or even nail polish (clear or maybe a fun color!) on the threads to keep the nuts from unscrewing on their own.

Plug in the battery pack and test that it is working.

Next, peel off the foam tape and attach two magnetic pin backs to the back of the mounting panel. You can use these to pin the Class Scheduler to your backpack, jacket, folder, etc. 

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