The idea with this one is to just randomly flash random colors on random pixels. This is a good example of where using the (r,g,b) version of setPixelColor() is useful. We'll generate a random red value, a random green value, and a random blue value. Then we just call setPixelColor(pixel, r, g, b) for a random pixel.

This could have been done using the hex value, but coding this way is more readable and intuitive.

// Circuit Playground Bike Light - Bedazzler
// Author: Carter Nelson
// MIT License (

#include <Adafruit_CircuitPlayground.h>

#define BEDAZZLE_RATE   100     // lower is faster

void setup() {
  // Make it bright!

void loop() {
  // Turn off all the NeoPixels

  // Turn on a random pixel to a random color
    random(10),     // the pixel
    random(256),    // red  
    random(256),    // green
    random(256) );  // blue  

  // Leave it on for a little bit

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