To connect a Flora Bluefruit LE module to Circuit Playground wire it up as follows:

  • Circuit Playground 3.3V to Flora Bluefruit LE 3.3V (red wire).
  • Circuit Playground GND to Flora Bluefruit GND (black wire).
  • Circuit Playground serial TX to Flora Bluefruit serial RX (yellow wire).  Double check you connect TX to RX and not TX to TX!
  • Circuit Playground serial RX to Flora Bluefruit serial TX (green wire).  Again double check you connect RX to TX and not RX to RX!
  • Circuit Playground #12 to Flora Bluefruit MODE (blue wire).  You can actually use any of the other numbered pins on Circuit Playground for this mode switch connection, however you'll need to modify the examples to use the pin number.  For simplicity stick with pin 12 so you don't need to modify the code in the rest of the guide.

Note if you're using a Bluefruit LE UART Friend the connections are the same but the MODE pin is labeled MOD, 3.3V is labeled VIN, RX is labeled RXI, and TX is labeled TXO.  In addition you can ignore the other pins like CTS, RTS, and DFU.

One last very important step is to flip the mode switch on the Flora Bluefruit LE module (or Bluefruit LE UART Friend) into the DATA position.  If the switch is in the CMD position the software won't work correctly so be careful to double check the switch is in DATA mode.

Don't forget, set the Bluefruit LE module switch to the DATA position!

This guide was first published on Aug 03, 2016. It was last updated on Jul 21, 2016.

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