Circuit Playground is an excellent all-in-one board for learning electronics, but did you know you can control Circuit Playground wirelessly from your phone or tablet?  With the magic of Bluetooth Low Energy and a little helper like the Flora Bluefruit LE module you can start experimenting with wireless control of Circuit Playground today!

Adafruit's Bluefruit LE Connect apps for both iOS and Android provide a simple interface for controlling the digital inputs/outputs on Circuit Playground.  Toggle digital pins high or low to control LEDs, relays, or other digital devices.  Read digital inputs to detect when buttons are pressed or simple digital sensors activate.  You can even control the color of the NeoPixels on Circuit Playground wirelessly from a few clicks in the app.

Best of all there's no soldering required for this project--just connect a few components with alligator clips and you're all set!

Before you get started you'll want to familiarize yourself with a few guides:

Continue on to learn about the parts needed to follow this guide.

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