The following are some questions related to this project along with some suggested code challenges. The idea is to provoke thought, test your understanding, and get you coding!

While the sketches provided in this guide work, there is room for improvement and additional features. Have fun playing with the provided code to see what you can do with it. Or do something new and exciting!


  • A 10 bit ADC has 1024 values, but why is the highest one 1023?
  • Can you think of any natural phenomenon that behaves digitally?

Code Challenges

  • Make the knob change the color of the NeoPixels.
  • Make the NeoPixels blink at different rates set by the knob.
  • Change the range of the tones generated in Speaker Fun.
  • Try using something other than map(). Something non-linear maybe?
  • Combine the NeoPixel and Speaker Fun code into one - lights and sounds!

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