Start by preparing the speaker and tilt ball switch.

Cut five pieces of wire about four inches in length each.

Use wire strippers to strip the insulation off the last quarter inch of each end of each wire.

Place the small speaker and tilt ball switch in the jaws of a helping hand tool.

Use a soldering iron to heat up one of the pads of the small speaker.

Apply a small amount of solder to the heated pad to tin it. This will make it easier to attach a wire in the next step.

Repeat to tin the other speaker pad and the two legs of the tilt ball switch.
Hold a wire up to the speaker's pad and reheat the solder with your soldering iron. Hold it to the joint until the solder flows around the wire, then remove heat and hold the wire until the solder solidifies.

Repeat to solder wires to the the other speaker pad and both legs of the tilt ball switch.

Snip off any excess wire.

Slide a piece of the smallest diameter heat shrink tubing over each leg of the tilt ball switch to insulate the wires and solder connections.

Use a heat gun to shrink the tubing.

Cut a piece of larger heat shrink tubing and slide over the entire tilt ball switch and wire connections; heat to shrink.
Your speaker and tilt ball switch are now ready for attaching to the rest of your circuit!
Now get GEMMA set up in your helping hand tool.

Insert one of the legs of the 220 ohm resistor into the pin marked D2 on GEMMA.

Solder in place.

Snip off the extra wire lead and cut the free-hanging wire lead to half its length.
Next it's time to connect up the center leg of the transistor.

Pay close attention to the orientation of the transistor. The flat side should face the same direction as the front of GEMMA.

Clip the transistor's center lead shorter and set up the component in your helping hand tool.

Tin the lead of the resistor and the center lead of the transistor.
Don't forget heat shrink tubing! Cut a small piece of the medium size and place it over the resistor.

Position the leads next to each other and carefully solder in place.

Heat the tubing to shrink it down.
Set up the speaker in your helping hand tool and position one of its wire leads next to the transistor lead on the right.

Twist the wires together and solder.

Snip off any excess and slide a piece of heat shrink tubing over the connection.

Heat to shrink in place.
Bend the speaker's other wire to the Vout pin on GEMMA and solder in place.

Clip off any excess wire.

Tin the last remaining lead of the transistor and solder to a piece of wire. Slide on some heat shrink and use a heat gun to shrink it.


Cut the wire to reach to GND on GEMMA, strip a bit of insulation off the end and solder the end to GND on GEMMA.

The tilt ball switch has two leads. Solder one lead to D0 on GEMMA and the other lead to GND on GEMMA.

Solder both of these wires to the pad of the circuit board together.

Clip off any excess wire.

Your circuit is complete! Look it over, comparing it to the circuit diagram and double checking your solder joints.

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