Connecting the virtual and physical worls is always a popular DIY project. In this build I modify the the Cheerlight project code by Hans Scharler to work via a Feather HUZZAH. Why the need for modifications? Good question! The Feather HUZZAH uses a ESP826 for the wireless connection, and although you can enable PWM on any GPIO pin, except Pin(16), to control the color mixing of an RGB LED, I found it much cleaner and easier to use Neopixels.

You can read all about the Feather HUZZAH, and it's pinouts here. And if you want to add a bunch of PWM to yout Feeather, you can always add an 8-Channel PWM or Servo FeatherWing to your project. There are also a lot of other Feather projects in the Adafruit Learning System.

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