Cheerlights is a project created by Hans Scharler that allows folks to sychronise LEDs across the world to one color using Twitter. It's an IoT project that listens for the word "cheerlights" on Twitter in real-time, and if there's a color name in the tweet, all of the projects connected to Cheerlights change to that color.

CircuitPython makes working with LEDs very simple. The Adafruit MagTag makes it easy to connect a strip of LED and connect to the Internet at the same time. Combined, they make doing WiFi-controlled LED projects a breeze, and the basic Cheerlights concept was no exception. However, why stop there....

Instead of simply lighting up the LEDs to the particular color, why not display an LED animation in that color? CircuitPython LED Animations turns Cheerlights into animated LED fun!

This guide will show you how to put together a festive wreath with your Adafruit MagTag and an LED strip. Then, you'll learn how to get CircuitPython set up on your MagTag, and load the necessary libraries needed to run this code. You'll save the code to your MagTag, and before you know it, you'll be delighted by colorful LED animations.

This project requires quite a bit of power between the network connectivity and the LEDs, so it is suggested that you power it from a wall plug using an appropriate USB type C cable or adapter.


Alternately, instead of purchasing the MagTag and Mini Magnet Feet separately, you could purchase the MagTag starter kit, which includes the magnet feet. Either way, you still need to purchase the LED strip separately.

Options for Power

  • Plug it into a wall plug using an appropriate cable or adapter. One possible combination is shown below.

Additional Parts

  • Wreath or other festive item to hold LEDs and MagTag. You can be creative here!
  • Zip-ties or other appropriate mounting option to attach the LEDs and MagTag to the chosen festive item.

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