If you've made an adafruit.com account checking your order status is super-easy. Just log in at adafruit.com (upper right "Sign in") and then click "My Account". You will see your order history and more.
Once you're logged in and clicked the "My Account" link, click "Order History" - bam!
All your orders, invoices and tracking information are here. You can click "ORDER DETAILS" to see each order. Or click "INVOICE" to get a copy of your invoice. You can also click the tracking number that will display the shipping updates from the shipping service you selected.

... And that's it, you're all done!

The Adafruit site does not require an account to place an order. Many customers just want to quickly place orders and do not want to set up an account, cool by us - we understand. However, because you checked out as a Guest you can't use an account to check the shipping status. No worries, we have a handy-dandy way to check order status for guest accounts.

To check your order status if you used "GUEST CHECKOUT" go to adafruit.com/orderstatus.  You'll see "SIGN IN" - that' won't work if you used "Guest Checkout". On the right you'll see "ORDER STATUS". Here's where you want to enter your email address used for your order and the order number.

If you don't where your order number is you can mouse-over the "Where do I find this?" for help.

The order number is located in the order confirmation that was emailed to you. It is in the subject link, as well as the body of the the email.

The order confirmation number is of the format 1234567-1234567890.

If you can't find your order confirmation email, here are some things to try!

  1. Check your spam folder, many order confirmations end up there, more so with gmail and hotmail accounts.
  2. Still can't locate it? Email [email protected] - include the date, your full name used, email address used, and shipping address. That will help our team locate your order #.

Once you have your order number, fill in your email address used for your order and the order number. Click "CHECK ORDER STATUS". That's it!

This guide was first published on Jun 16, 2014. It was last updated on Jun 16, 2014.