Carefully prep NeoPixel sticks by soldering small lengths of wires to the circuit board pads, which will be covered when you glue the stick to the sides of your glasses frames. Use hot glue to do that now, too.

Do not use permanent adhesive on your NeoPixel sticks yet, just in case you need to pop one off to troubleshoot your circuit in the next step.

Trim wires to length and carefully solder wires to NeoPixel ring connections as illustrated in the circuit diagram.

The trick to this project is tidy wiring, so really take your time to route the wires carefully, then strip, twist, and tin the ends before soldering.

Solder wire connections to a battery connector at the end of the NeoPixel chain (from above, the battery connector ground is on the left).

Use hot glue to temporarily affix the battery connector to the frames.

On the other end of the circuit, hot glue Trinket in place and make wire connections as per the circuit diagram.

Trim excess wire leads and check over circuit for completeness and quality. Clean up your work surface so there aren't bits of wire all over.

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