3D Printed Case

Make a protective snap fit case for the HUSB238 USB-C power breakout. The case features openings for the screw block terminals, USB-C port and voltage wires.

Prerequisite Guides

Take a moment to review the main product guide for pinouts, usage, and documentation. 


Angled shot of PD sink breakout board.
The HUSB238 USB PD sink chip is neat in that you can either use jumpers (really, resistor selection) to set the desired PD voltage and current or you can use I2C for dynamic...
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USB C to USB C cable. USB 3.1 gen 4 with E-Mark. 1 meter long
As technology changes and adapts, so does Adafruit! Rather than the regular USB A, this cable has USB C to USB C plugs!USB C is the latest...
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Angled shot of a Digital Multimeter - Model 9205B+.
This massive multimeter has everything but the kitchen sink included. It's a great addition to any workbench or toolbox.  It's low cost, simple to use, and has a big clear...
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1 x M2.5 x 6mm Machine Screws
M2.5 Hardware Assortment Kit
1 x USB PD Power Supply
USB PD power supply capable of outputting the voltage you want to request with the HUSB238 breakout

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