JST Slide Switch Adapter

You'll want to fashion your own slide switch adapter so it's easy to disconnect the battery when it gets low. The switch can stay put in the case while the battery is removed for recharging. Follow our guide for a tutorial on how to make your own.

Install Switch

You'll want to insert the switch into the holder at a 45 degree angle while pressing down. The body of the switch should have a snug fit with the holder.

Installed Switch

Arrange the wires inside the case so the cabling is neatly laid out. The JST connectors can be oriented to match up with the ports on the Circuit Playground.

Tack Battery

Stick small pieces of mounting putty onto the surface of the lipo battery. This will keep the battery secured underneath the Circuit Playground and prevent it from rattling inside the case.

Install Battery

Plugin the JST cable from the battery to the connector on the slide switch. Place the battery in the center of the case and press down to set the mounting tack. 

Connect Circuit Playground

Plugin the male JST connector from the slide switch to the port on the Circuit Playground. You'll want to keep the wiring from getting tangled, so keep adjusting the cabling until they're nice and neat.

Mount Board

Place the Circuit Playground board over the four standoffs with the micro USB port facing the opening on the side of the case. Line up the mounting holes with the holes on the board. While holding the board down, insert and fasten machine screws until fully tight.

Install Cover

Inspect the wiring and adjust the cabling as necessary. Orient the cover so the larger opening is lined up with the micro USB port on the Circuit Playground. Place the cover on top of the case and firmly press down until it clicks into place. 

Make, Remix and Share

Please post and share your Circuit Playground case! You can use the 3D model as a starting point to make upgrades or tweaks. 

Recharging Battery

When the battery gets low, you can use the Adafruit Micro Lipo Charger to recharge over USB. It's so small and handy you can keep it in the case!

This guide was first published on Oct 14, 2017. It was last updated on May 13, 2024.

This page (Assembly) was last updated on Oct 12, 2017.

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