After you've uploaded the code to your Circuit Playground Express, attach the NeoPixels as shown in the wiring diagram: black to G, white to V1, and red to VOUT.  Plug your battery in and be sure the lights come on. Swing the Circuit Playground around and see if you can trigger the comet animation.

Get some white fun fur. Short pile will work best. Fun fur is a really great way to diffuse NeoPixels and make them look fancy without doing a lot of work. Place the NeoPixels along the edge and fold over to make a pocket. Cut along the fold line.

Hot glue the fun fur around the NeoPixel strip, placing the glue very close to the strip. The hot glue won't actually stick to the NeoPixel silicone sleeve very well, so just glue the fun fur to itself.

Then, use sewing scissors to shape the fur. I made points every 5-6 inches, to look like Rose's shield design.  Add more glue as needed to hold the fur in place.

Place the fur-covered strip inside your umbrella. Use clear packing tape to secure the end close to the center, and use the umbrella's struts to hold the rest of the strip in place.

Secure the other end with more tape, and use some more clear tape to fix the Circuit Playground and battery to the inside of the umbrella's surface as well. The tape will also help hold your alligator clips in place.

Pick your umbrella up and give it a spin, and watch the colors change. You can go back to the MakeCode project and try adding lots of different lights and sounds, so your umbrella reacts exactly the way you want.

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