A slider crank mechanism is a simple, effective way to convert rotation to linear motion. You can make one very easily out of craft sticks or cardboard, a hole punch, and some paper fasteners.

By attaching the crank shaft stick to a servo motor horn, we can drive our slider crank using a Circuit Playground Express programmed with MakeCode!

1 x Circuit Playground Express
Incredibly awesome microcontroller board
1 x Standard servo
TowerPro SG-5010
1 x 3 x AA Battery Holder
with On/Off Switch, JST, and Belt Clip


In addition to the parts above, you'll need:

  • corrugated cardboard box
  • three craft sticks
  • brass paper fasteners


You could build this entire project using only a pair of scissors, but here are some additional tools that can make things a bit easier:

  • single hole punch
  • hobby knife
  • metal ruler
  • hot melt glue gun and hot melt glue -- either low or high temperature is fine
  • pencil or marker
  • small screwdriver

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