Button Inputs

This demonstrates how to control servo movements with button inputs. Three main inputs are laid out for producing three different events. These input blocks are color coded in purple. These do something when button A, B or A and B are pressed. You can also change the type of input by choosing long click, up or down.

Servo Pins

Under the advanced option, the pin menu has several blocks for controlling servos. The servo write pin block allows you to choose a pin and degree value. Pick any analog pin (A1 in this project) and enter a value from 0-180 for determining how far the servo should rotate/move.

Display NeoPixel LEDs

Under the light menu, you can choose the show ring block to display LEDs. Here you can pick how many pixels to display and which color to be.


Feel free to add more blocks to this project to make more interaction. For example, you can add sound effects to play when pressing buttons. Trigger servo movements using sound or light. Activate lights and sound by using shake detection. There's so many things you can do with different combinations of blocks!

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