Servo Movements

Micro servos come with a few different servo horns that can be used to attach to stuff. In our demo, we constructed a paper crafted version of Blinka. Using a piece of cardboard, you can secure the servo horn using included screws. The piece of cardboard can be glued to the lower back of Blinka. 


You can use different sensor input to trigger the servo movements. For example, you can use the microphone to detect when someone's clapping. Or use the accelerometer to detect when it's shaking or tilted. The light sensor can detect different levels of light to make variable movements in degrees. There's also sound effects, 10 NeoPixel LEDS and much more!

Modify & Remix

This is just a starting point we can take this so much further when we add mechanisms. There's so many things to do but this gives you a basis to get going. Use this template as a starting point so when you setup your next project you have an idea of where to start. 

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