One of the beautiful things about Circuit Playground Express is that you can make three ways:

  1. MakeCode
  2. CircuitPython
  3. Arduino IDE (or direct ARM GCC programming)

If this is your very first time programming or coding, we suggest starting with MakeCode - it is super fast to get started not just with Circuit Playground Express, but coding in general! (Once you've got the hang of MakeCode you can then take a look at CircuitPython or Arduino.)

MakeCode does not require any software installation, it works on any computer with a web-browser. You can use it with Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebooks.

MakeCode uses drag-and-drop blocks just like Scratch, there is no syntax or semicolons. The blocks snap together to create larger and more complex projects

MakeCode lets you get started in 5 minutes or less, there are built in guides and projects, but its also just fun to play around.

MakeCode has surprisingly advanced runtime, despite looking very simple it can do very complex tasks that normally would require advanced programming. You can get creative very very quickly.

Read on to learn how to use MakeCode and build your first project!

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