The ESP-LyraP-CAM v1.1 module included with the Kaluga development kit is ready to go: it includes the pull-up resistors on the I2C communication lines, here labeled SIOC and SIOD (equivalent to SCL and SDA).

The typical OV7670 module doesn't include the I2C pull-up resistors, so you may have to add them. This one was also modified so that it would fit directly on the header of a Grand Central M4 board.


See the specific board pages for details on how to connect the pins to a microcontroller.

  • 3.3V: Connect to a regulated 3.3V supply
  • GND (sometimes labeled DGND): Connect to GND
  • SDA, SCL (sometimes labeled SIOC, SIOD): I2C bus used to configure the camera.
  • XLK (sometimes labeled XCLK): Clock signal from the microcontroller to the camera.
  • VS, HS, PLK (sometimes labeled SYNC, HREF, PCLK):
    Vertical & Horizontal synchronization pulses, and pixel clock from the camera to the microcontroller
  • D0..D7: Pixel data from the camera to the microcontroller
  • RET, PWDN: Reset and Power Down pins from the microcontroller are used during initialization to reset the camera into a known state.

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