Programming the 5-Pad Sensor

The code for the 5-pad capacitive touch sensor can be found below. It cannot be swapped with either of the single pad boards as they are wired differently.
Download: file
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
import time


#set the GPIO input pins
pad0 = 22
pad1 = 27
pad2 = 17
pad3 = 24
pad4 = 23

GPIO.setup(pad0, GPIO.IN)
GPIO.setup(pad1, GPIO.IN)
GPIO.setup(pad2, GPIO.IN)
GPIO.setup(pad3, GPIO.IN)
GPIO.setup(pad4, GPIO.IN)

pad0alreadyPressed = False
pad1alreadyPressed = False
pad2alreadyPressed = False
pad3alreadyPressed = False
pad4alreadyPressed = False

while True:
    pad0pressed = not GPIO.input(pad0)
    pad1pressed = not GPIO.input(pad1)
    pad2pressed = not GPIO.input(pad2)
    pad3pressed = not GPIO.input(pad3)
    pad4pressed = not GPIO.input(pad4)
    if pad0pressed and not pad0alreadyPressed:
        print "Pad 0 pressed"
    pad0alreadyPressed = pad0pressed

    if pad1pressed and not pad1alreadyPressed:
        print "Pad 1 pressed"
    pad1alreadyPressed = pad1pressed

    if pad2pressed and not pad2alreadyPressed:
        print "Pad 2 pressed"
    pad2alreadyPressed = pad2pressed

    if pad3pressed and not pad3alreadyPressed:
        print "Pad 3 pressed"
    pad3alreadyPressed = pad3pressed

    if pad4pressed and not pad4alreadyPressed:
        print "Pad 4 pressed"
    pad4alreadyPressed = pad4pressed


Running the Code

Open a terminal. Move to the directory that you saved the code and type in the following command (change the file name to whatever you called your Python file):
Download: file
sudo python
The program works very similar to the programs for the momentary and toggle sensor boards. If you're having trouble understanding how the code works for the 5-pad, have a look at the code on the previous section of this guide first.
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