Download and print out the PDF of this color wheel below. 

Cut out both color wheels. 

This mirrored image of a color wheel will match when glued together, making it easy to see which color you're selecting. 

Glue to either side of a disk. Be sure to match them up!

Trim any excess around the edge.

Mark spots where holes will be needed. Widen the holes with a small screw driver or pen.


Attach Circuit Playground Express to the cardboard base using screws and/or standoffs.


Attach color wheel so that it sits over the color sensor on CPX.

Color Test

Try it out! Connect the Circuit Playground Express to a power source and ensure its slide switch is switched right. Slowly spin the color wheel and watch the colors change!



Connect potentiometer to jumper wires.

Press fit potentiometer through hole in cardboard. Use knob to hold potentiometer securely in place. 

Completed Control Unit

Shoe Mount Adapter


Screw your shoe mount adapter to the bottom of the cardboard platform.

This will allow you to connect it to your camera and position it for ease of use and comfort. 

Power Switch


Use twist ties to hold the switch, battery, and excess cable all together in a tidy package. This will make it easy to attach to the side of the camera. 

Use It!

Use double sided tape to connect the ring and power switch where you want them on your camera.

With the slide switch flipped to the left, you will find yourself in luminous mode, with the brightness of the NeoPixel ring controlled by the potentiometer.

When the switch is flipped to the right you're in color mode, able to switch between colors by rotating the color wheel. 

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