Photography lighting is a tricky business. This project aims to create an easy add-on that can work with any camera, film or digital, to illuminate subjects and scenes with custom colors. 

To add an extra fun element to this ring light, we can select the color by turning a color wheel, the color that is above the light sensor on the CircuitPlayground will be the color displayed!

This project is a fun introduction to soldering and coding, and is easy to adapt for different lighting purposes.

The Electronics

A Black woman's manicured hand holds a round microcontroller with lit up LEDs.
Circuit Playground Express is the next step towards a perfect introduction to electronics and programming. We've taken the original Circuit Playground Classic and...
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NeoPixel Ring with 24 x 5050 RGBW LEDs lighting up rainbow and white
What is better than smart RGB LEDs? Smart RGB+White LEDs! These NeoPixel rings now have 4 LEDs in them (red, green, blue and white) for excellent lighting effects. Round and...
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Top view shot of JST 2-pin Extension Cable with On/Off Switch.
By popular request - we now have a way you can turn on-and-off Lithium Polymer batteries without unplugging them.This PH2 Female/Male JST 2-pin Extension...
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Swivel-Head Pan Tilt Shoe Mount Adapter
This Swivel-Head Pan-Tilt (PTZ) Shoe Mount Adapter allows you to attach something with standard 1/4" machine screw mount to a camera's shoe...
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1 x Female/Female Jumper Wires
Premium 20 x 3" (75mm)
1 x 10K potentiometer
Panel Mount (Breadboard Friendly)
1 x Potentiometer Knob
Soft Touch T18 - White


In addition to the electronics, for this project you will also need:

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