When I'm working on projects, I can never seem to get my camera close enough. Previously, I had used a very cheap tripod, but it gets in the way of the desk.

But while working on a project with my Super Fancy Third Hand Kit, I had a moment of inspiration looking at the Loc-Line arms.

**Put a camera on it.**

The Super Fancy Third Hand Kit is not used in this project, so you don't need it to complete it. But I recommend it all the same.

This project requires zero electronics, but does require a 3D printer. Could you build this out of wood? Yes. Would a 3D printer be more convenient? Yes.

Parts You'll Need:

  • 3D Printer Filament (I am a huge fan of the PLA Silver in the Adafruit Store. It's not shiny, but a sort of grey with luster.)
  • 2x Spring Clamps - Amazon set.
  • 4x 3x8mm magnets - I got mine at Home Depot.
  • 1x 1/4"-20 bolt, 1/2" long. Yay for English formatting.
  • OPTIONAL: 2x O-Rings for 1/4".
  • Hobby Creek Universal Holder Arm - I got the 17", but this project will work with the 12".
  • Cyanoacrylate glue, or some other strong adhesive. I REALLY recommend avoiding the standard Krazy Glue bottle, and picking up one with a brush, and one with a fine precision tip. It'll save you a lot of trouble.
  • T-15 Driver.
  • Sharpie.

Thing You'll Learn:

How to properly orient magnets for a project.

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