It takes a little practice to learn to trigger the different modes at will.

Power-Up mode happens when you press the power button. The lights come on at the bottom of the staff and work their way upwards until the whole staff is a gorgeous cyan blue.

Idle mode comes on when the staff is fully powered on but not in motion. The head of the staff is a yellow-green and the handle is orange, and the lights pulse gently while the "idle" sound plays in the background.

The other modes will trigger based on the orientation of your Feather.

Moving the Feather side to side gently will trigger the Swing animation modes -- a whoosh sound, with a photon type animation running down the length of the staff.

Moving the Feather front to back gently will trigger the Yell animation -- the whole staff lights up in purple and a Xena-Warrior-Princess inspired yell will play.

Moving the feather side to side agressively will trigger the Hit animation: a tinkly magic sound will play and the staff will turn blue, then fade back to orange.

Head back to the software page to customize colors and sensitivity, to make the staff work with your own Wizard or Warrior character.


The Feather M4 has onboard battery charging, so to charge the battery, just plug in a USB cable into the Feather's USB port. Your battery will charge. Magic!

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