Everyone needs a friend who is all ears. Get egg-cited and make a set of motion-reactive light up bunny ears with Circuit Playground Express and MakeCode.  

These are the perfect accessory to draw attention away from your bad hare day. Be the fast and the furriest; the most unique bunny in the park.  (How do you catch a unique bunny?  Unique up on it)

Wear them to IHOP or take them on your Bunnymoon, or just use them to cover your receding hare line.   You'll be so sparkly that everyone will want to hop down YOUR bunny trail.

This project is a great one to do with kids.  There's a bit of soldering involved, a bit of hand sewing, and you'll have fun dragging and dropping code snippet blocks with MakeCode, to make the ears react to your bunny hops.  Egg-spress yourself with Circuit Playground!

1 x Circuit Playground Express
Circuit Playground Express Microcontroller
1 x Neopixels
60/m White Neopixel Strip
1 x LiPoly Battery
500mAh LiPoly battery
1 x Battery Charger
USB LiPoly Battery Charger
1 x On/Off Switch
Battery extension cable and on/off switch
3 x Stranded Wire
Red, Black and White stranded wire

Tools & Other Materials

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