In all of my versions of the "Ultimate Remote, I have controlled it using a series of 3 ultralight touch micro switches connected to the device by a four strand ribbon cable. However the design we are presenting here uses 3 standard 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) mono panel mount audio jacks. A variety of assistive technology (AT) switches are available that can be plugged into these jacks. This is one area where you may want to depart from our design and come up with a connection method of your own. These three jacks are wired into the A0, A1, and A2 Feather pins, however all of the analog pins A0 through A5 may be used as either analog or digital inputs.

Although the images we show here are modeled with individual wires, it might be convenient to use a four wire ribbon cable to connect these three jacks and a common ground wire.

Because these wires plug into the feather socket of the TFT board, they will have to be solid-core or you have to solder on a four pin header that can plug in.

Arrange the three jacks in a row and connect the outer "ring" terminals together using short pieces of wire. Off the end of one of the jacks connect a longer piece of wire about 3 inches long and it must be a solid wire or have a solid end. This wire is shown in dark green on the image below. Then solder on individual wires to the "tip" terminals each about 3 inches long and they must have a solid end. Each of these wires will plug into the A0-A2 terminals on the TFT board. We have illustrated these in different shades of blue.

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