Detailed assembly instructions for the infrared board are given in its own tutorial. However, there are some options you need to consider. If you're not using the Ultimate Remote to emulate mouse or keyboard on a PC or laptop, then you will not be building a receiver dongle. That means you need to install a receiver chip on the infrared board. There is a place to install 2 receiver chips on the board. One is called a TSOP receiver on the right and the other is a TSMP learner on the left. If you're building a dongle, you will not need to install either of them. But if you're not building a dongle, you will need to install the TSOP on the right in the orientation shown in this image.

The infrared board also has the option of 2 current limiting resistors of 33 ohms each. We recommend not using these resistors and instead installing a jumper wire at position R2 and R3 as shown above. You will still need the 1K ohm resistor as well as the 3 transistors and 2 IR LEDs. We will not be soldering any headers into the board but will put wires directly into the appropriate holes and solder them in place.

We typically use red wires for power and green for ground wires but you can use any color you want. You can use stranded flexible silicone coated wire for the power connections, however the LED wire and the receiver wire must be solid core wire or have a solid tip soldered onto them because they will be plugged into the socket on the TFT display board.

You should solder a red wire anywhere in the column of holes labeled +5v which is the second pin from the left corner. It should be about 4 inches long. Solder a green wire about 4 inches long to the GND hole. You should solder another wire (we used yellow) about 3 inches long to the LED pin hole. It is the fourth from the left. This must be a solid core wire because it is going to plug into the TFT board sockets.

The left image below shows this wiring.

Note: Technically wiring standards specify that you use black wires for ground wires but I've always used green. Green for ground is easy to remember and helped my father wire up lots of gadgets over the years. The green shows up well in these illustrations but if you want to be technically correct, you should probably use black wire for ground. Then again it's your device. Use what makes sense for you.

If you are not building a receiver dongle, there are some additional wires you will have to add to use the receiver on the IR board. These 2 additional wires will have to be solid-core because they will plug into the TFT display. Make them about 3 inches long. The brown wire shown in the right image above connects anywhere along the first column of holes labeled +3.3. The white wire connects to the Recv pin hole which is the fifth from the left.

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