We wish we could tell you that adding new functions to this remote was as simple as pointing another remote at it and have it learn the code directly. Unfortunately, we are not yet at that level of sophistication. The process is a bit more complicated. Here is an overview of the process:

  1. You will load a special decoding sketch into the Trinket Dongle or, if you did not create a dongle, you can load it into the Ultimate Remote itself since you should have installed TSOP receiver device on the IR board.
  2. You will then point the remote for your TV or other device at the receiver and press a button. It will try to detect which of the 11 protocols that IRLib supports. The result will be a print out on the serial monitor of the protocol type and a hexadecimal number of to 32 bits long that is the code for that particular button.
  3. You will then copy that information into the ultimate_remote sketch and tell it what symbol you want to be displayed.

Next, we will now walk you through these steps in more detail. To illustrate this process we are going to add a new page of commands for an RCA TV. Of course, unless you happen to have this particular type of TV, doing the steps exactly like we do them will not do you much good. But you should follow along and adapt this method to your own device. Substitute in filenames and button names that make sense for your TV or whatever it is you want to control. The steps will be the same. The details will be unique to you.

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