3D Printed Case

We have designed a 3D printed case that will hold all of the parts for this project. We have included not only STL files that can be printed directly we are also including a Fusion 360 design file so that you can adapt the enclosure to your own specific needs. Here is a link to GitHub repository that contains all of the design files as well as the sample software we will use.

Step by Step Instructions

In the pages that follow, you will find step-by-step instructions for how to assemble and wire the device(s). Also below is a YouTube video that shows how to wire up the case and assemble it. There is a separate video for building the receiver dongle.

This guide was first published on Sep 23, 2019. It was last updated on 2019-09-23 17:24:44 -0400.

This page (Assembly Instructions) was last updated on Aug 10, 2019.

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