MacOS Setup

To build CircuitPython on MacOS, you need to install git, python3, and the ARM toolchain. The easiest way to do this is to first install Homebrew, a software package manager for MacOS. Follow the directions on its webpages.

Now install the software you need:

Download: file
brew update
brew install git python3 gettext
brew link gettext --force
pip3 install huffman

And finally, install the ARM toolchain (note the cask):

Download: file
brew cask install gcc-arm-embedded

Once the dependencies are installed, we'll also need to make a disk image to clone CircuitPython into. By default the Mac OSX filesystem is case insensitive. In a few cases, this can confuse the build process. So, we recommend creating a case sensitive disk image with Disk Utility to store the source code. The disk image is a single file that can be mounted by double clicking it in the Finder. Once it's mounted, it works like a normal folder located under the /Volumes directory.

That's it! Now you can move on and actually Build CircuitPython.

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