The ports/esp32s2 build setup is a rather involved process. Please read the in that directory. It has instructions that also refer to further instructions in the ESP-IDF documentation.

On MacOS, you will need to install cmake:

brew install cmake

On Linux you probably need to install ninja-build and cmake.

sudo apt install ninja-build cmake

The ESP-IDF expects there to be a python command which runs python3. On Ubuntu, there is no plain python by default, so install this simple package which links python to python3.

sudo apt install python-is-python3

Once you have the prerequisites installed, change to the ports/esp32s2 directory, and run the script. You only need to do this once.

cd circuitpython/ports/esp32s2

After this, in each fresh terminal window in which you are doing builds, you need to use esp-idf/ in order to set up the correct PATH and other environment variables.

# Do this in each new terminal.
cd circuitpython/ports/esp32s2
source esp-idf/

Now you can build, for example:

make BOARD=adafruit_magtag_2.9_grayscale

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