Type 1 and press enter to install, then type 1 to use the entire disk for OPENSTEP.

Type 1, press enter, and wait while it copies all of the files it needs.

Remove the floppy (Devices, Floppy Disk, Remove Disk) and press enter to restart.

It's going to ask you for the driver disk again, so mount that floppy and continue.

Watch while it boots into OPENSTEP!

It's going to pop up a couple of alerts to insert the disk that contains drivers. We already put the driver floppy in, so just click OK to those.

Next we'll see the Summary of Devices. We don't want to change anything yet because we need to install the patch, so just click Save, and Save Anyway.

You can uncheck the languages you don't need, but it's worth keeping all of the Other Packages to check them out. Once you're happy with the selections, click Install.

The bar at the bottom is your disk space, not a progress bar, so don't worry if it seems like it's taking a while. When it finishes it will tell you that it installed successfully. Don't restart just yet.

Virtualbox has a useful feature called Snapshot that lets you take an image of the machine at any point and then return to it later. We can save our progress at this point and then if something goes wrong later we can return to the freshly installed system without having to install everything again. You can also use a snapshot as a basis for another virtual machine, so you could make another OPENSTEP system if you wanted.

Go to the Machine menu, and Take Snapshot. Give it a name and click OK.

Now it's safe to click Restart.

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