We're booting! You can just wait for it to continue here or hit enter.

Choose your language and press enter to continue.

Type 1 and press enter to prepare to install.

We need some additional drivers in order to install. Let's insert the driver disk.

First you need to remove the install disk, so go to the Devices menu, Floppy Drives, and Remove the disk. Now go to the same menu and Choose a disk image, then find 4.2_Custom_Driver_Disk.img.

Now that we have the drivers disk, press enter to continue.

NeXTSTEP originally only supported SCSI devices, but our VM is using IDE. Type 7 and press enter to see some more drivers and find the one we need.

There it is! Number 5 is the EIDE and ATAPI Device Controller, that's the one we want. Type 5 and press enter.

You'll see the same screen again - we just set up the CD drive, this time it wants the driver for the hard drive. It's the same one, so type 7 and hit enter, then 5 and enter again to choose the EIDE driver.

We're done with drivers, so type 1 to continue without any additional drivers when prompted. The system will boot into the Mach kernel and continue installing.

Okay, let's keep installing!

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