For the costume itself here's what you'll need:

  • A set of shoulder pads - we used hockey pads but a BMX chest guard looks like it would work really well too. Try your local thrift shop for some cheap ones.
  • An assortment of elbow, knee, arm, shin pads. Whatever you can scrounge. Again the thrift shop is your friend here.
  • A mask. We found a Phantom of the Opera style half-mask that worked out great. We did some trimming until we got the right look.
  • Lots of old electronic bits.  Whatever you have that looks interesting.  We used mainly a old dismanteled printer and a couple busted hard drives. Anything goes!
  • Matte Black spray paint. To coat anything that isn't black.
  • Optional: some metallic paints.  I used rust and steel acrylic model paint.  You can give metal bits a great weathered look with them.
  • Tape: electrical & and gaffer tape. You can use hockey tape too. All black.
  • Hot glue gun. For the bits of course.
  • Black clothing. Pants, long sleeve shirt. We also used a balaclava, but you could shave your head if you like.

For the lighting & servo rig here's what you need:

  • 2x Gemma and/or 3V Trinket.  Either will work fine. I had one of each on hand so that's what I used.  One controls the lighting, the other the servo.
  • NeoPixels!  This design uses three. Very easy to use more, or less.
  • A 12 NeoPixel ring. This will form the eyepiece.
  • a micro servo
  • 5mW Laser diode or super bright 5mm red LED.  The laser is best for full effect but if safety is a concern then use a LED. Or do what I did and mount both with interchangeble connectors.
  • LiPo battery. We used a 850mAh battery and got all the charge we needed, at least 5 hours. You could use a 3xAA battery pack here too if you want.
  • Corrugated split wire loom. Borg love hoses. Lots of them. Split wire loom is perfect to run all your wiring.  And its pretty easy tell it's exactly what they used on the show. Get it at your local automotive or hardware store.
  • Connectors. If you wire everything in one piece it will be hard to put on and remove. Break it down by sections using some 2-pin JST connectors for power and some 3-pin JST SM plugs for the Neopixels, laser and servo.
  • 2 switches, for power to the two Gemma/Trinket devices.
  • Your standard supplies: wire, heatshrink, electrical tape.
  • Tools of course! Cutters & soldering iron being the essential ones.

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