The steps shown here are for the Sandwich labeling technique. Skip to the Use the Sticker Method chapter if you plan to use a vinyl sticker as the label for your project's front panel.

The final part of the process is to assemble the layers of the sandwich. The printed label will be aligned and attached to the enclosure followed closely by the clear layer. Since the holes in the clear layer and enclosure were drilled simultaneously, hole alignment should be a fairly easy process.

  • Place a few spots of glue on the enclosure; three or four should be enough to hold the printed label in place during alignment with the component holes.
  • Carefully place the label on the enclosure and coarsely align it with the holes.
  • Remove the protective film from the clear layer and place it against the printed label. Adjust the alignment of the label and clear layers simultaneously. Once things are lined up, hold the layers tightly against the enclosure during the next step.
  • Using a very sharp hobby knife, remove the label paper from a hole near the top or bottom of the panel. Insert the component into the mounting hole and secure with a shaft nut, or in this case, an LED bezel. The installed component will help to maintain the alignment.
  • Check the alignment and make any necessary adjustments, then remove the label paper from a hole on the opposite end of the panel. Insert the component for that hole and secure it. The alignment is now locked-in.
  • Use the hobby knife to remove the label paper from the remaining holes. Remove any paper pieces and dust from the process then install the remaining components.

You've done it! You now have a durable, colorful, and functional front operating panel for your project. We'll be looking forward to seeing your project's new front panel on the weekly Show and Tell !

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